Some kind words from our clients...

Matt Navarra / Director of Social Media / TheNextWeb.com

'Snapchat is not a platform that many find intuitive let alone are able to use effectively to build and engage with an audience; well you can completely exclude Imran from that statement!  In short Imran was responsible for the A-Z of The Next Web’s Snapchat channel strategy and implementation at our flagship TNW Europe Conference in Amsterdam that resulted in 1000’s of new followers and incredibly high levels of engagement.  Having worked with Imran at close quarters its clear that it is his ability to weave a compelling story that stands out and keeps people coming back for more.  He is a safe pair of digital storytelling hands, is incredibly creative and applies himself 110%. We were seriously blown away by what Imran managed to achieve during his time with us and no doubt will be working with him again in the not so distant future. Would we recommend him? Hell yeah!'


David Eccles / Managing Director / thisisLDA.com

'LDA is an award winning digital agency servicing high profile global brands. As our field is constantly evolving we actively look for innovative ideas and solutions to help our clients; thats why Reel absolutely fits the bill. An opportunity arose to work with Rell with one of our valued clients who was staging an important event and wanted to remind the 600 attendees of their experience through social media ready video. In addition they were keen for this to happen within 48h and not the weeks it has sometimes taken traditional videographers. Reel delivered on all counts and we were impressed with their professionalism, creativity and ability to adapt to changing circumstance at the event itself. From our experience its clear that smartphone filmmaking has enormous disruptive potential and upside for social media marketing, PR and communications and Reel is at the very forefront of that revolution.'


Vimla Appadoo / Community Manager / Dotforge.com

'We staged a series of twelve 3 minute startup pitches in London and Manchester we wanted filmed, edited and delivered within 24h. As traditional videographers had previously taken too long to produce social media ready video we turned to Reel. We got a unique insight into how smartphone filmmaking offers lightening fast turnaround and creativity whilst maintaining HD quality. Amazing!'


Benita Matofska / Founder & CEO / CompareandShare.com

'We were on the cusp of launching our crowdfunding campaign but needed a promotional video at very short notice. With so much going on in the run up to the campaign we needed someone with an understanding of our business who could produce a creative contextual video that would offer both substance and style.  Reel came high recommended and was able to capture the very essence of our campaign and deliver an outstanding film that played a significant role in helping us triple our funding target! Brilliant!'


Adam Comstive / Head of Marketing / NationalFootballMuseum.com

'In the run up to the World Cup 2014 we wanted to create an online exhibition that told the story of the World Cup through 24 historic objects housed at the museum.  The question was how? We consulted with Reel who devised an interactive multimedia online gallery that mixed audio, video and high res imagery.  Normally this kind of thing would have been completely outside of our budget but Reel achieved this through the innovative use of smartphone technology.  In essence all content for the gallery was produced using an array of mobile apps. It is safe to say this project would not have gone ahead without the fantastic solution provided by Reel.'


Pippa Moyle / Head of Outreach / Think Productive

'Imran’s guest post on ‘An introduction to the Art of Productive Smartphone Filmmaking’ gave our readers a breadth of knowledge and idea on how they can improve the way that they use their phones to capture video. Imran was a pleasure to work with. He stuck to his deadline, really understood our audience and provided a great insight into how we can use video better at Think Productive. I would highly recommend working with Imran.'


Joe Iles / Editor-in-Chief / EllenMacarthurFoundation.org

'The Ellen MacArthur Foundation has a global reach and effective communications are crucial in sharing our mission to develop a circular economy. We have a dedicated digital comms team that manages our output and measures impact. We consulted with Reel in order to review our existing communications strategy and develop outreach through smartphone filmmaking. With events around the world and ample content creation opportunities, video shorts provide a way to better engage our audience and attract new interest. Reel's insight was eye-opening and relevant to our requirements. It’s rare to come across an organisation that can offer contextualised strategic advice as well as practical, technical output.'

Rory Blain / Managing Director / SeditonArt.com

'Reel used really creative smartphone technology to create an immersive interactive story telling digital gallery highlighting works by Tracey Emin and other world renowned contemporary artists working across traditional and digital media. The project was superbly executed, on spec and on time; we thoroughly enjoyed working with Reel!'


Iqbal Nasim / CEO / NZF.org.uk

'Reel advised NZF on the strategic use of smartphone content production across our national program of events.  This has meant we are now in a position to produce high quality, relevant, impactful and timely content across our social media channels with a greater degree of control, creativity and speed whilst reducing the cost of doing so.  Reel were very dedicated and professional in their approach and it was a pleasure to collaborate with them.'


Shaz Manir / Founder / AmirahFoundation.org

'We run a small but significant charity that has helped 1000s of women who have suffered serious domestic abuse.  We rely on donations as we don’t receive any statutory funding. Reel understood our requirements and detailed a campaign that focused on producing 90 HD quality video appeals from high profile patrons that ultimatly delivered 150% of our original target. In addition these smartphone produced videos have enabled us to attract the attention of institutional funding streams that has helped us secure our medium term future.'


Paul Lancaster / Partner & Community Lead / TechNorthHQ.com

'Reel have created podcasts, live streams, video montages and interviews to help us expand our reach through social media. I have to say every time Reel produces video for Tech North we have been genuinely amazed by the level of creativity, quality and speed of their work. No doubt smartphone content production is the future and is a fantastic way to build and grow an audience for your organisation, product or service. Reel is at the forefront of this digital storytelling revolution and a genuine inspiration to me and the Tech North team.'


Alexandra Origet du Cluzeau / Global PR Director / HomeExchange.com

'We enjoyed working with Imran at the 2015 OuiShareFest. He was very flexible to adapt to our needs, and delivered an excellent segment just a few hours after filming. We recommend Imran and are looking forward to work with him again.'


Stuart Kirby / Head of Academy / Amaze.com

'Amaze is a full service global digital agency that services some of the world’s leading brands. We launched a monthly series of ‘tech talks’ aimed at engaging the local creative and technical community in Manchester and asked Imran to produce a short video that captured the essence of our 'Virtual Reality' event.  Not only did we require something highly creative we also wanted it turned around quickly whilst not compromising on quality; creativity, quality and speed are the qualities I would associate with Imran. We loved Imran’s use of smartphones, an innovative take on filmmaking.  We were delighted with the final product that Imran delivered, especially as it only took 24 hours!  The video is regularly played in our reception area and we’re looking forward to working with him again in the near future!'


Grace Marshall / Productivity Coach & Author / Grace-Marshall.com

"In an age where technology is moving so fast, it’s a challenge to keep up with all the different ways of communicating - to learn how to use them well, as well as filter through all the noise that’s out there. Learning how to ‘do video’ is something that lingers on many people’s to-do lists, and I for one am glad that Imran is on a mission to make it accessible, easy and fun for everyone - not just the specialists. I had the pleasure of attending his smartphone filmmaking meetup recently and found myself picking up many of the core skills through the very hands-on, collaborative experience of making a music video with a roomful of strangers! Genuinely helpful and generous with his expertise, I’d highly recommend talking to Imran if you have a question about smartphone filmmaking."


Melissa Mitchel / Founder & CEO / Volo.org.uk

'A passionate and charismatic teacher, Imran inspires creativity throughout his trainings while simultaneously encouraging participants to 'pay-it-forward' and highlighting the value of community based learning'


Task Willcocks / Programme Manager / Hyper Island

'Imran came to Hyper Island to run a smart phone story telling workshop with the Masters Students, he was a great influence on the day allowing the students to stretch their minds along with their comfort zones, it was a fast paced day which suits our environment and he was supportive throughout, suggesting little hacks and work arounds. By the end of the afternoon we had 29 reflective videos and this week it has been great to see the students utilizing what they have learnt on the other projects. Fun, fast paced and aligns with our principle of learning by doing. Great day!'