Rob Trevor, Senior Director
CBRE Investment Management

I like to keep an eye out for fresh and innovative ways to bring our work closer to our international stakeholders, customers and clients.  Every project is a unique story of blood, sweat and tears that largely goes unnoticed behind the scenes.  I’ve wanted to shine a light on exactly what it takes to identify, acquire, lease and renovate our properties in way that is authentic and reflects CBRE Global Investors’ values.
Sufficed to say Imran has proved to be priceless in this regard.  With a background in professional services Imran is an unique filmmaker who understands our industry and is able to capture the entire life cycle of a project through the people who make it happen.  This has been transformative for us in so much that we can now keep existing stakeholders better informed and educate potential clients about exactly who we are and how we operate.  This approach has been integral to us winning new business with Imran’s authentic film testimony proving far more powerful that any number of powerpoint case studies.

Paul Kilbride, Chairman & CEO
Troy Group

'From the very beginning it was clear Imran had the experience and expertise to produce an important video story we needed at short notice for our annual online member conference.  We were very happy with the result and the feedback from our members was also extremely positive. 

It was refreshing to working with someone who took responsibility, exercised sound judgement under pressure and delivered results that exceeded our expectations.'

Stephen Barnes, Director 
Black Cat Building Consultancy

'I met Imran through a mutual client who decided it would be “a great idea” to capture the Project Management and delivery of a large commercial building and to tell the storey.  I had reservations though in hindsight I needn’t have had any.  

Imran was quietly brilliant and managed to capture everything and tell the storey whilst blending into the background.  He has a uniquely passive and considered way of working alongside and integrating into a team or people.  I am converted and now exploring other ways of using Imrans skills to capture events and tell the storey, he’s brilliant.'

Laura Kiara Koenig - HANSAINVEST Real Assets

We contacted Reel after a recommendation from one of our clients. We required a series of high-quality aerial photographs of One London Wall; one of our most iconic buildings. Throughout the project Reel provided clear communication, delivered on time and to a standard that exceeded our expectations. As such we have built an excellent trusted working relationship with Reel, look forward to working with them again and thoroughly recommended their services.

Matt Navarra / Director /
‘Having worked with Reel at close quarters its clear that their ability to weave a compelling story stands out and keeps people coming back for more.  They are a safe pair of digital storytelling hands, incredibly creative and apply themselves 110%. We were seriously blown away by what Reel managed to achieve during their time with us and no doubt will be working with them again in the not so distant future.’

David Eccles / Managing Director /
'LDA is an award winning digital agency servicing high profile global brands. As our field is constantly evolving we actively look for innovative storytelling ideas and solutions to help our clients; thats why Reel absolutely fits the bill. An opportunity arose to work with Reel with one of our valued clients who was staging an important event. Reel delivered on all counts and we were impressed with their professionalism, creativity and ability to adapt to changing circumstance.’

Adam Comstive / Head of Marketing /
‘We consulted with Reel to devise an interactive multimedia online gallery that mixed audio, video and high res imagery.  It is safe to say this project would not have gone ahead without the fantastic solution provided by Reel.'

Joe Iles / Editor-in-Chief /
'We consulted with Reel in order to review our existing communications strategy and develop outreach through video stories. With events around the world and ample content creation opportunities, video provides a way to better engage our audience and attract new interest. Reel's insight was eye-opening and relevant to our requirements. It’s rare to come across an organisation that can offer contextualised strategic advice as well as practical, technical output.'

Alexandra Origet du Cluzeau / Global PR Director /
'We enjoyed working with Reel at the OuiShareFest, Paris. They were very flexible to adapt to our needs, and delivered an excellent video just a few hours after filming. We recommend Reel and are looking forward to working with them again.'

Stuart Kirby / Head of Academy /
'Amaze is a full service global digital agency that services some of the world’s leading brands. We loved Reel’s innovative take on filmmaking and were delighted with the final product. The video is regularly played in our reception area and we’re looking forward to working with them again in the near future!'