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“People do not buy goods and services. They buy relationships, stories and magic.” Seth Godin


Marketing is no longer simply about creating awareness: we already know how to find you but the problem is we don’t know you. We haven’t built the bond of trust that leads to business. 

In an age of unlimited choice we only choose that which aligns with our values.  If you don’t show us who you are and what you stand for then why should we take the time to notice?

Building trust with your audience through the values that run through the heart of your organisation is the best way to cut through the online noise in order to attract and retain your clients.

And the best way to share those values is by telling your stories. We're here to help you do just that.


We build a clear picture of your audience, identify the brand stories that resonate with them and develop a production timetable and campaign strategy that delivers on time and within budget.


We bring the very best audio and visual storytellers to work on your campaign to create compelling, innovative and awe-inspiring stories that express the very best of your brand.


The plan will have detailed who the audience is and where they reside online. All campaigns are driven by data, targeting and careful analysis of performance to ensure your stories connect with the right people.


MEDIA Production

We work with you to produce engaging audio/video stories that express your brand values on time and within budget. We do this by deploying PREP - Planning Research Execution Performance. A transparent collaborative framework that delivers results.

Social Marketing

Your stakeholders spend their time spread across the social media landscape.  As one size does not fit all the data driven story led marketing campaigns we deliver pinpoint the right people in the right place at the right time.

Storytelling Consultancy

We collaborate with in-house marketing teams who are aware of the need to tell better stories but are unclear about what stories to tell and where to delpoy them effectively. We work with you to identfy your unique story and develop a brand aligned strategy that compliments your existing marketing plans.

Storytelling Development Workshops

Your in-house marketing team is in charge of telling your brand story. Its crucial to understand the structure and process of storytelling in order to avoid wasting time and money. We deliver bespoke video and audio led training workshops that enable your team to harness the power of brand storytelling.

CBRE Global Investors:
A race against time...

Yeme Architects:
Building a legacy...

Park Lane Property:
Delivering excellence...


"Our brand stories state who we are and what we stand for.
we speak and are heard, we listen and we learn
whilst adding value and building trust;
creating aligned communities and lasting commercial relationships
that stand the test of time."

Imran Azam, founder, thisisreel


The Ellen MacArthur Foundation has a global reach and effective communications are crucial in sharing our mission to develop a circular economy. We have a dedicated digital comms team that manages our output and measures impact. We consulted with Reel in order to review our existing communications strategy and develop outreach through smartphone filmmaking. With events around the world and ample content creation opportunities, video shorts provide a way to better engage our audience and attract new interest. Reel's insight was eye-opening and relevant to our requirements. It’s rare to come across an organisation that can offer contextualised strategic advice as well as practical, technical output.

Joe Iles / Editor-in-Chief / Ellen Macarthur Foundation

We wanted to create an online exhibition that told the story of the World Cup through 24 historic objects housed at the museum. The question was how? We consulted with Reel who devised an interactive multimedia online gallery that mixed audio, video and high res imagery. Normally this kind of thing would have been completely outside of our budget but Reel achieved this through the innovative use of smartphone technology. In essence all content for the gallery was produced using an array of mobile apps. It is safe to say this project would not have gone ahead without the fantastic solution provided by Reel.

Adam Comstive / Head of Marketing / National Football Museum