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We are a collection of international filmmakers and storytellers enabling charities, NGOs and not-for-profit organisations to develop in-house video storytelling capability through hands-on smartphone filmmaking and podcasting workshops and training.

Since 2015 we have trained 1000’s of people across the world - with little or no prior experience - to gain the skills and confidence needed in order to take charge of their stories, share them with key stakeholders and impact their audiences. 

Smartphone Video Workshops

The smartphones in your pocket is a fully fledged film production studio. With the right training and structure your org will be able to produce high quality timely video stories that will keep your stakeholders informed of project progression, highlight areas of improvement whilst providing accountability and attracting new donors and supporters.

We provide bespoke hands-on in-person training that builds in-house video storytelling production capability that delivers impactful results. 

Storytelling Consultancy 

We live in the age of ‘permission marketing’: if what you have to say doesn’t mean anything we actively ignore it. Thats the same for your stakeholders so unless you provide regular stories that speak to your audience its likely they wont take any notice either.  You can either try force people to listen to you (paid ads) or you can convince them.  Thats what storytelling aims to achieve and its the most cost effective superpower your organisations needs to harness in order to survive and ultimately thrive.  

We help organisations to identify their most impactful stories and crucially how best to tell them.

Podcast Production Workshops

Of the 4 content mediums - image, video, text, audio - only audio can be experienced away from a screen.  Increasingly people are spending time listening to long form audio whilst cooking, driving, flying, working out etc.  Podcasting is an opportunity to provide stakeholders with unique, intimate and informed experience whilst helping you build strong stakeholder relationships. 

We provide in-house podcasting production training that enables your org to deliver long form audio and deliver results.

I enjoyed it, despite my frustration with technology. All the participants demonstrated, they learnt the basics skills. I think all of us demonstrated vulnerability, which I didn’t expect. Thanks for a job well done.  

Walk The Plank - Manchester

A great introduction to the possibilities of creating a visual story on our phones. Tutor was accomodating and understanding of our different approaches and abilities.

Vernacare - Warrington

I really loved that Imran tailored the course to our groups interests. He interacts positively with the young people and made it a great environment for learning. 

I really enjoyed when Imran switched the conversation to be about the young people teaching him about conservation - I thought that was a nice touch to make them feel at ease.

Creative Explorers Outside - Salford

I liked the fact that it was not a standard, boring, usual corporate training. Good energy in the room and open discussion about media platforms was great.

Kirklees Museums & Galleries - West Yorkshire

I liked how accessible it was. I am really not that technology proficient but Imran made everything seem much simpler by breaking all the steps down in a clear way.

WTP - Salford







The course was really effective. The best part of it was that it was hands on, we got to practice what we learned within the assigned time. It was a very smart and effective lesson in terms of time management, acquiring a new skill and then executing it. All the lesson objectives were met and displayed in the finished video clips of the all the students which is simply amazing. 

I realky liked the fact that he diverted our focus on the process rather than the content otherwise we all would have spent ages in finding a perfect idea and no one would have been able to complete the task. Even I came up with something silly and just didn't give a second thought to changing the topic but just got on with completing the task and during the process learned a lot!”

National Exhibition Centre (NEC) - Birmingham

If the pen is mightier than the sword then smartphone video is the atomic agent of change! The phone in your pocket is truly a fully fledged film production studio that is empowering communities and organisations all over the world to tell their stories. Lets tell yours…”

Imran Azam (@moiazam) is the award winning founder of thisisreel.co; a video storytelling consultancy based in Manchester.  He is one of the pioneers of ‘pure’ smartphone video production and passionate advocate of storytelling for change. 

Irwin Shaw
Founder, Bankin World

96% of attendees would recommend our workshops to colleagues.

Irwin Shaw
Founder, Bankin World

100% of attendees rated our workshops as either ‘Excellent’ or ‘Very good’.

Irwin Shaw
Founder, Bankin World

96% of attendees stated our workshops were ‘Extremely’ or ‘Very’ organised.

Irwin Shaw
Founder, Bankin World

96% of attendees described our trainers and facilitators as ‘Extremely’ or ‘Very’ helpful.

Irwin Shaw
Founder, Bankin World

92% of workshops attendees stated they were ‘Confident’ of being able to film, edit and publish video via their smartphone.

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