YEME Architects

Case study: Documenting a journey

"A tarmendous campiagn that delivered exactly what we were looking for and exceeded our wildest expectations." Amir Hussain, YEME Architect Founder

The client: Yeme Architects is an award winning firm delivering architectural services across the UK.

The context:  MIPIM is the world leading real estate market event.  Every year the worlds leading property focused investors, architects, surveyors, constructors and developers descend on Cannes to assess the global property market and sign major deals.  Yeme wanted to use its network and platform to deliver an exclusive event at MIPIM to attract inward investment to high potential regions in West Yorkshire.  

The brief: Yeme wanted to show case the extraordinary efforts they were making and the high level organisations they were dealing with to benefit all stakeholders in the region.  So the brief was clear; deliver a campaign that established Yeme as a thought leader amongst key stakeholders.

The proposal: We began by identifying Yeme’s target audience - politicians, partner level consultants and developers. We discovered that most were connected to the Yeme through Linkedin and proposed using this platform to deliver the campaign.  As these stakeholders clearly have a significant interest in what happens for the region at MIPIM the brand story we decided to tell become clear: the journey to delivering the event at MIPIM and the event itself.  

The result: 3 video logs and a promotional video were produced and delivered resulting in 30,000 organic views and 

The Films