"an ingenious, innovative video campaign that helped us win new business and attract specialist engineers that far exceeded our expectations." XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX, MD, Laser Quantum

The client: Laser Quantum are a global leader in the manufacture of industrial lasers. 

The context:  The international industrial laser market is niche but highly competitive. In addition there is a significant short fall in the number of highly skilled and qualified engineers required to work in the industry.  

The brief: Laser Quantum wanted to campaign that attracted the attention of specific specialist engineers and influence key purchasing decision makers with view to generating leads and recruiting new hires.

The proposal: We began by identifying Laser Quantum’s target audience online - specialist xxx engineers and purchasing decision makers.  We then interviewed exsiting Laser Quantum staff to define the demographic and ascertain tastes and interests.  We discovered that most were with a specific age bracket and spent most time on Youtube and subscribed to various industry email newsletters.  

We decided to run an entertaining branded six part video campaign that showcased the personality and culture of the organisation as well as demonstrating the quality of their products.  The campaign was delivered through Youtube and the Laser Quest newsletter.

The result: The campaign was ground breaking for the typically conservative industry and spread virally across all target demographics resulting in new leads and specifically £120,000 in new business.  The videos also resulted in delivering new recruits without the need for external recruitment agencies.

Exmaple Videos

The Laser Quantum brand stands for reliability, innovation and quality service. They produce a number of industrial lasers that are required across many industries. The idea behind this campaign was to demonstrate Laser Quantum’s confidence in its own products and its willingness to think differently to its competitors.  The ground breaking ‘Laser vs X’ series not only told this story effectively but also introduced the concept of storytelling to the industry.

1. Laser vs Range Rover

2. Laser vs Drone

3. Laser vs Ice

4. Laser vs Gravel Compactor

5. Laser vs Tumble Dryer

6. Explainer video: Why we tried to destroy our lasers.