Snapchat Film School

Empowering the Next Generation of Digital Storytellers 


Teens spend more time on Snapchat than any other social network.  Thats becuase Snapchat allows them to share and experience authentic personal stories; in essence Snapchat is all about storytelling.

Storytelling is how we communicate with each other in order to create connections that lead to better opportunities in life; the ability to tell a story is essentially a life skill.  So how can we help teens to become really effective digital storytellers?  Thats what Snapchat Film School is all about!

Snapchat Film School offers secondary schools the opportunity to engage with pupils in a way that inspires, engages, builds confidence whilst teaching the art of digital storytelling.

Building digital skills & confidence

Whilst teens are undoubtably digital natives there is a big gap between being comfortable in the digital world and possesing structured digital skills; Snapchat Film School aims to help them bridge this gap through process of creating short video stories.  

Snapchat Film School is an online 2 week programme delivered directly through the Snapchat app encouraging pupils to self start, plan ahead, practice, focus, set goals, gain perspective and empathy whilst developing tangible skills that will benefits them in the immediate and long term.


Get involved!

Snapchat Film School can be run either during term time or over school holidays. Remember this program is delivered directly through the Snapchat app so will not disrupt exisiting school classes.

Over the first week of the program pupils recieve 'snaps' about what makes a good story with examples and also get an opportunity to try their hand filmming with regular bite size tasks to complete that crystalise learning.

The second week is where pupils decide on a story, build a mental storyboard and put the previous weeks 'snaps' into action to produce their very own Snapchat video story!