The Art of Smartphone Filmmaking Workshops

London | Manchester | Amsterdam | New York | Hamburg

Whats the big deal?

In your hand right now you have the ultimate tool to create compelling, relevant, high quality video...its your smartphone. It shoots HD video, can go places regular expensive cameras can't, allows you to edit in real time and enables you to publish to your social media channels.  

These meetups are for anyone interested in discussing and learning more about producing broadcast quality video using a smartphone and the opportunities it has opened up for startups, public relations, social media, activism, creative agencies and corporate communications.  

"The smartphone in your pocket is a fully fledged production studio; you're only limited by your imagination."

Want to run your own meetup?

Alternativley if you are an experienced smartphone filmmaker or freelancer with a passion for sharing yoru experteise and would like to run a smartphone filmmaking meetup in your area then we can help you get off the ground with hints, tips, advice and guidance.  

We've already helped establish meetups across the UK and Germany so just get in touch below and lets get your show on the road!