We provide creative video solutions, training and insight. 3 qualities define our work;
creativity, relevance and speed.

This is what we offer:

Creative Consultancy 

Don't know where to start but do know your organisation/client needs to make better use of online video? We'll help you to develop and execute a strategy that delivers regular, relevant, authentic, video content that engages and grows your audience. more...

Training | Workshops

We organise and deliver bespoke training and workshops that enable you to identify video stories, encourage creativity and build storyboards whilst gaining hands on experience of filming, editing and publishing HD quality video using your smartphone. more...

Events Coverage

Events take a huge amount of effort to organise but strangely social media output is regularly left to chance. We work alongside events organisers to produce relevant and engaging video content to drive social media activity and maximise your event's impact. more...

For Educators

We work with universities, schools, collages and educators across the private and public sector to provide unique opportunities for students to experience hands on smartphone filmmaking in order to develop their digital storytelling skills. more...

Snapchat Biz Dev

Largely ignored by brands but Snapchat will become one of the most important channels to your audience. It's time for your brand to get to grips with Snapchat's raw storytelling power! We'll show you how. more...

Content Concierge

You've got a day full of activities and theres little chance of sharing it all with your online audience.  As your 'content concierge' we are by your side capturing and curating your story as it happens. more...

Free Meetups

Gain insight and experience of smartphone filmmaking at first hand by attending one of our free regular meetups in London, Liverpool, Manchester and Hamburg. Unleash the power of the smartphone in your pocket! 

Free Hints & Tips

We regularly use our Snapchat channel to reveal smartphone filmmaking hints and tips whilst offering advice and coaching for aspiring digital storytellers. Add us on Snapchat and keep an eye out for updates.