The Damned United @ The Fringe

My thoughts...

In putting this brief marketing overview together I have assumed that the target audience at the Fringe are people who may never have experienced live theatre or simply may not have previously considered attending.  This also includes those who may not be able to afford regular theatre prices.  Whlst it is likley that people Red Ladder wishes to attract will have travelled from afar to attend the Fringe it is more likley that those local or commutable to Edinburgh would form the bulk of the target audience.

Community groups - addiction, refugee, BME, immigrant, asylum
Working Clubs
Trade Union
Support groups
Service users of local chaitable organisations

Prior to the event; highly targeted and cost effective Facebook, Instagram and Twitter posts (paid and organic)
During the event; the above + Fringe listings, ticket office deals, partnering with key local orgs e.g

Once the above targeting is set the ‘creative’ (in this case the video below) should be deployed against it on the chosen social platforms using both organic and paid marketing.

Example Video for the Damned United;

Links from the ‘creative’ should point to a landing page on the Red Ladder website where additional valuable content can be experienced and tickets purchased. 

Marketing online should start in ernest at least 6-8 weeks before the event.

During the event?
Incentivise attendees to follow Red Ladder social media, share posts and invite friends.

Post event?
Trackable links should be used to analyse how effective each marketing campaign is. Rinse. Repeat.