Making Video 4 Facebook & Instagram

imran azam
10 February 2017

Hallo my good friends! A happy new year to all of you!

I'm super happy to let you know that the next 'Art of Smartphone Filmmaking' session will run TWICE on Mon the 27th Feb;

  1. 2pm-5pm at the fabulous new offcies of TQ in central Amsterdam! 
  2. 6pm-9pm at the wonderful offices close to central station!

Take your pick! :)

Wondering what on earth this event is all about?  This vid should give you some answers :)

So a LOT has happened in the world of online video since we last met so it is my aim that we go through the following;

- get you hands on making Facebook video on your smartphone that will help you better market what you do 
- demonstrate how you can make best use of Instagram Stories & LIVE
- hear from a guest speaker (to be announced) about what it takes to build a community using video

Ok that a lot to get into a few hours but as you know I LOVE to push you to the limit and get results.

Why should I attend this Imran? 
a) you will be able to better market on social media 
b) you'll network with amazing people 
c) previous meetups have been rated as 5 star 
d) you'l walk away full of inspiration and new skills

Ok sounds great what next? 
Place are limited so pls RSVP below asap selecting ONE of the two sessions on offer.  You may bring a guest but pls register them :).

IMPORTANT: As you know I will be traveling from the UK to deliver the seminar. I do not want an admission fee to be the reason you do not come along so how about this; come to the event and at the end if you feel it was worth your time pls feel free to make a donation. (I'd suggest no more than €10). 

Hope that sounds fair to you.

Ok any questions please get in touch otherwise get RSVPing!

Its going to EPIC...again! 

Imran Azam
Founder of 

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