Virtual Reality Smartphone Storytelling

imran azam
13 February 2017

After our last event of epicness we are back and rocking up at Google Campus on the 22nd March to deliver a session like no other :). 

Are you a startup? Creative digital type? Run your own business? If so how much thought do you give to your 'story'. Chances are you've heard marketing types banging on about story but what does it mean for you? And how will you express it?

You all know that this event series is all about helping you guys to pick up the video storytelling skills need to thrive. 

Part of that conversation is looking at emerging trends that are changing the way we attract attention and tell those stories.

So with that in mind we are going to be deep diving into the world of smartphone virtual and mixed reality storytelling! What does this brand new world mean for startups looking to break through? What are the threats and opportunities?

We'll have awesome guest speakers, hands on VR headsets, interaction, information QnA...the works!

So if you are a startup or on the digital creative space then RSVP asap and...

...I'll see you on the other side.

Imran Azam
Founder of
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 Psst: We had a waiting list of over 100 last time so pls RSVP ASAP!