Lala Land farce was not the moment of the Oscars

Imran Azam
9 March 2017

No doubt you've seen the footage by now.

The climax of the Oscar award ceremony last week when Warren Beatty announced that Lala Land had won 'Best Picture' only to be told that he'd been handed the wrong envelope and that Moonlight had actually won. Cue social media meltdown, a guy from PwC getting blamed and both movies walking away with unprecedented amounts of coverage. Thats show business.

But aside from this 'bubble gum' moment something else far more significant occurred during the Oscars that may have slipped your attention; a 1 min TV commercial by Samsung entitled 'The Rest of Us'...

You see the number of Oscars awards handed out to YouTubers or any other online video storyteller is nada. zilch. Thats despite more people watching social video than traditional movies.

This commercial - staring Youtuber Casey Neistat - was the moment when video storytellers armed only with smartphones and point'n'click cameras were given mainstream exposure and recognition during the film establishments biggest event of the year.

Whilst the industry carries on as if little has changed the 'rest of us' occupy a different space. A space that can't be owned...a space without gatekeepers...a space that matters to this and the coming generations.

As Casey's says when people tell us we can't our response is...

watch me.

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