London Calling | Feb 2017

imran azam
29 December 2016

If you are looking to market your product/service and want to create video for social media then our event in London at Google Campus on 01/02/2017 at 6pm is going to be right up your street!

So lets start with some facts;

  • 83% of marketers intend be spend more resourse on social media video in 2017*
  • Of these 32% intend to produce more video for Facebook
  • 28% for youtube
  • 22% on Snapchat

Pretty staggering no?! 2017 is shaping up to be THE year of video so the questions you need to answer right now are; How are you going to take advantage? Do you have a plan? Are you in a position to produce video for social?

Well good news! This event is ALL about producing video for your social channels using only the humble smartphone in your pocket. Well I say humble but in all truth its a fully fledged film production studio. No joke. Seriously.

Ok thats what exactly will we learn?

How to film, edit and publish video stories for your social media channels witha focus on Facebook (although what you learn is rlevenat to other social media platforms). For those of you who have previoulsy attended you'll know my aim is always to leave you inspired and with a new set of skils. So yes you will get hands on and produce a social media video on the night...from scratch.


Yup! I've been running this workshop across Europe for the last 18 months and trained 1000's of people like you.

Who should attend?

Brands, startups, not for profits and marketers.

Ok I'm in...what do I need to attend?

Great! RSVP now (very limited seats) and bring along your iPhone or Android smartphone. Thats it! Just make sure its charged...obviously :).

What next?

Reserve your seat below, stick it in your diary and try to contain your excitment! Really looking fwd to meeting all of you! 

*according to @buffer's 'State of Social Media 2016' report issued Nov 2016