Expert Guest Speaker: Sam Jones!

imran azam
21 February 2017

Hello hello hello folks!

Got an absolutely belting session lined up for you guys on the 29th March in the Northern Quarter!  Unless you've been living without an internet connection you will have either heard of or watched a video made by Tuna Fish Media; the multi award winning video production agency based in Manchester.

None other than the MD of Tuna Fish Media - Sam Jones - will be sharing his extensive experience of all things video in order to to help you to become better at telling your stories through video!

Errr...I've never heard of them Imran...what do they do?

This :)

Event Agenda (6-830pm) 

• Intro - Imran Azam

• Main Talk & QA - Sam Jones

• Hands-on smartphone video production - Imran & Sam

• Wrap Up 

Who should come to this? 
If you are interested in becoming better at communicating what you do online through your social media channels then yes this event is for you.

Will it be awesome again Imran? 
Come one guys...can the events I put on be described as anything else? :)  Seriously if you've been before you will know my aim is to make sure you have a great experience and leave with new skills, insight and feeling inspired.  If you haven't attended before then read the last sentence :).

What does it cost? 
Nothing. It should but it doesn't.  This might change in the future so don't look a gift horse in the mouth.

Ok ok sign me up already! 
Great decision!  We have very limited seats for this and I'm expecting a packed house at Spaceport so don't hang around and get RSVPing ASAP!

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