Going on holiday? Find better work!

imran azam
12 July 2018

A few weeks ago I spent 3 days on the Algarve in Portugal. Its an extremely beautiful place with sun, sea, sand, great food and lovely people but after a couple of days I just wanted to get back to work. So on day 3 I made a video about the idea of ’taking a holiday’. How meta is that!?

Let me explain... Do you ever feel the need to take a holiday? You know…a break from your day to day working life? If so…why? I realise that might sound like a strange thing to ask but its the question I was asking myself in Portugal. More specifcally; why do many of us choose to live working lives doing stuff that make us want to escape on a regular basis?

The thing is in 2018 I really don’t think anyone reading this is compelled to live a professionally compromised existence. What I am saying is that in this technologically advanced and socially connected day and age there are ever increasing opportunities that enable us to express our best selves AND pay the bills. I don’t know about you but that sounds like a life worth aiming for! Do I live such a life? On the whole yes I do but thats not the point. Aiming for it and living with no regrets is. :)