LIVE EVENT: Producing Advanced Instagram / Snapchat Stories

imran azam
18 July 2017

Hey! Enjoying the summer? Super. Well I have some great news for you. The next Art of Smartphone Filmmaking event is now open for RSVP!  

In case you have forgotten or are new (hello!) this event series is where you develop highly valuable video storytelling skills using the smartphone in your pocket.  Got it? :)

Now to help you decide if you should attend the next event please answer this question:

Do you want to produce advanced Instagram / Snapchat 'Stories' to better market your startup/business?

If the answer is 'yes' then I'm 100% sure you should reserve a seat at Runway East in Moorgate, London on Tue Aug 8th at 6pm.  As usual you're going to get hands learning some valuable skills whilst networking with a great community of entrepreneurs, professionals, investors, mentors and executives.

Sounds great Imran. Can you give us a taste of what we’ll be learning?
Sure! This video shows you how I covered The Next Web technology conference using advanced Instagram Stories production techniques;

I'll be showing you how you can do this :)

What about Snapchat?
You'll also be hearing from Rob Lee who recently returned from India having delivered a keynote presentation at the International Conferance on Tourism Technology about the commercial use of Snapchat for the tourism industry. Not to be missed whatever your background!

What next?
Clear your diary, RSVP below and read 'more info'. Thats it :).  

See you at Runway East on the 8th Aug at 6pm.

Imran Azam 
Founder | 

Find me on Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat:  @moiazam

WARNING:  The events I run are always oversubscribed and I cannot increase the number of seats. If you are serious about to attending then you need to RSVP asap. 

More Info:

Why does Instagram/Snapchat Stories matter? 
The introduction of Instagram 'Stories’ 12 months ago broke Snapchat's hold on the vertical video storytelling format that Snapchat themselves invented.  Instagram Stories currently has over 200 million daily active users and is growing rapidly.  Snapchat has 165 million daily active users. What this means is that the people that you want to connect with are probably using it or will be soon enough. The short of it is if you want to build reletionships that matter on Instagram/Snapchat then improving your 'Stories; game is essential. (Btw if you have no idea what I am taking about then you might want to read a blog post I've written about this topic before signing up to attend :)

Is the event free? 
Yes amazingly it is.

What will you gain by attending? 
- High quality networking opportunities  
- Transferable smartphone vertical video production skills 
- Greater awareness of storytelling possibilities for your venture/cause 
- Highly improved Instagram marketing skills 

Is this a 'hands on' event? 
Yes! Very. I get you hands on very quickly as I believe its the best way to learn…by doing.

What do I need to bring with me? 
You smartphone (iOS or Android), a charger and some free storage space.

What is the Art of Smartphone Filmmaking about? 
This event series has been running for over 2 years and has built a community of over 5000. The sole aim of our events is to help you to become a better video storyteller using the smartphone in your pocket. 

Who attends? 
Startups, Artists, Founders, Business Owners, Creative Agency Executives, Social Media and Marketing Professionals, Vloggers, Tourism Specialists and Journalists.  

Should you attend? 
If you answered ‘yes’ to the question at the beginning then yes you should. This is for you.